• Accessibility

    For information about airport accessibility, contact Terminal Information Services at (416) 247-7678 for Terminal 1, or (416) 776-5100 for Terminal 3.

    Looking for information on recent changes to our ACAP program? Please see our April 8, 2015 Press Release.


    Getting Around Toronto Pearson

    If you need a little extra help getting around the airport, there are free wheelchairs and electric vehicles readily available to you. To pre-arrange this service, all you have to do is complete an Airport Customer Assistance Program (ACAP) request form.
    Or call (416) 776-ACAP, toll free: 1-877-297-ACAP.

    The Airport Customer Assistance Program (ACAP) offers support to those who need special assistance getting around the airport, from the moment you arrive at Toronto Pearson.

    What’s New

    Did you know?

    On average, our ACAP staff help 2,000 passengers reach their destinations every day.

    Recently, Toronto Pearson has experienced a growing number of passengers who require mobility assistance. As the airport grows, we expect this number will continue to rise.

    As part of ongoing efforts to improve our service standards for passengers, the GTAA recently consolidated the delivery of ACAP services, and as of May 1, 2015, began working alongside a new provider, Toronto Ground Airport Services (TGAS).

    Our new approach to assistance optimizes the consistency and quality of the passenger experience with the help of our various airline and service partners.

    Over the month of May, our staff has supported the travel of over 42,000 passengers.

    We’re here to support you in creating a seamless journey through Toronto Pearson so you can begin enjoying your trip before you ever arrive at your destination.

    • Booking Your Wheelchair

      Pre-booking your wheelchair at least 24 hours in advance is highly recommended and means you’ll have one less thing to think about on the day of your flight. We’ll meet you within 20 minutes of your departure, and be there waiting for you at the aircraft door when you arrive.

      Porter service is also available in both terminals to help you with your luggage.

      Please note: It’s important to notify your air carrier or travel agent when booking your flight if you require special assistance. Your carrier can provide information on the use of wheelchairs, passenger escort services, transportation within airports, check-in, boarding and arrival support at your destination.

      Check our Airline and Destinations page for a listing of airlines that serve Toronto Pearson.

    • Curbside Pickup/Drop off Locations

      There are designated pickup and drop off locations on the inner curb lanes at both terminals for guests that may require assistance. When you arrive at the airport, look for the accessibility signage at Arrivals and Departures and you’ll know you’re in the right place.

      Terminal 1
      • Departures Level: Posts 9, 21, 37
      • Arrivals Level: Post E1

      Terminal 3
      • Departures Level: Posts 17, 29  
    • Parking and Terminal LINK

      One of the great things about Toronto Pearson is convenient, accessible parking. Find more information about parking locations and fees.

      Toronto Pearson’s Terminal LINK is fully accessible and connects you between Terminals 1 & 3, the Value Park, Viscount Station, Employee Parking Lots and the Sheraton Gateway Hotel in a matter of minutes.

    • Prearranged Waiting Areas for Taxis, Limousines & Private Pickup

      Toronto Pearson offers accessible waiting areas for guests waiting for taxis, limousines, or individual passenger pickup.

      Picking up Passengers

      Commercial drivers picking up passengers with special needs are asked to abide by the following:

      1. Proceed to the "Pre-Arranged & Charter Bus" Holding Area, located at 6288 Silverdart Drive.
      2. Park your vehicle and proceed to the registration office.
      3. Complete the registration form.
      4. Provide the completed registration form to the dispatcher who will issue you with a curb permit.
      5. Remain with your vehicle until the dispatcher announces your name, permit number and location to pick up your passenger.
      6. If you have any questions or concerns, please return to the registration office and speak to a dispatcher.  
    • Arriving Passengers

      When you arrive, please proceed to the Pre-Arranged Pickup Location on the Arrivals Level of the terminal. There, an Attendant will ask for your name and the name of the driver picking you up. The curbside dispatcher will contact the dispatch office and have your vehicle sent to the terminal. You’ll find the Pre-Arranged Pickup Locations at:

      • Terminal 1: Door B
      • Terminal 3: Post 23  
    • Service Animals - Pet Relief Zones

      Pet Zones in Terminals 1 and 3 provide a comfortable space for service animals (and non-service animals) to relieve themselves.

      Terminal 1 Departures level: exit curbside doors at Aisle 15 and turn right.
      Terminal 1 ground level: exit curbside door S and turn right.
      Terminal 3 Arrivals level: exit curbside door A and turn left.

      All locations are before security.

    • Links for Accessible Travel

      The Canadian Transportation Agency offers a wealth of information about travel and accessibility issues, including: