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    • What is a Business Interest Application?

      The Business Interest Application is your opportunity to express an interest in operating your business at Toronto Pearson International Airport. Once you apply, and if your application was in regards to providing goods or services directly to the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA), we will place your name on our Interested Parties List for future consideration should the GTAA initiate a Request for Proposals for this type of service. Please refer to our Supplier Portal or www.merx.com to view the current bid opportunities. On Merx you will be able to participate and provide tenders.

      While every effort is made to advise interested parties of upcoming opportunities, the GTAA assumes no responsibility nor legal obligation if you are not notified.

    • What is a Licence to Operate?

      A Licence to Operate (LTO) is a legally binding agreement that permits a person or organization to conduct a business or commercial undertaking or activity for an existing tenant of the GTAA at Toronto Pearson and is a requirement of the GTAA's Ground Lease with the federal government.

      Tenants of the GTAA who currently have a valid lease or license do not require an LTO; however, their vendors and suppliers are obliged to obtain a separate license to operate as stated above.

    • What is the difference between a Business Interest Application and obtaining a Licence to Operate?

      If you are an existing business who does not currently have a business relationship with any Tenant or sponsor, but are interested in conducting business in the GTAA, then a Business Interest Application would be the correct approach. If you are an existing business who is looking to provide their service to one of our existing Tenants, and has a business relationship with the Tenant/Sponsor, then a Licence to Operate would be the correct approach.

    • Why do I need a Licence to Operate?

      As a third-party operator, applicants need a Licence to Operate (LTO) to conduct a business or commercial undertaking or activity at Toronto Pearson. Through an LTO, the person or organization is permitted by the GTAA to conduct business for the particular tenant named in the Agreement. The LTO protects both parties legally and helps mitigate liability issues. The LTO also authorizes the issuance of Restricted Area Identification Cards (RAICs) to employees of licensed operators if the activity is being conducted in restricted areas of the airport.

    • Is there a cost per m2/ft.2 for space at Toronto Pearson?

      A Licence to Operate (LTO) agreement is not based on a cost per m2/ft.2 as a set minimum rate has already been established.

      Interested in Conducting Business at the GTAA?

      If you currently do not have a Tenant sponsor and are looking to do business at Toronto Pearson, please fill out our Business Interest Application Form.

      The cost of conducting business at the GTAA is not based on a per m2/ft.2 fee. If the GTAA has approved your business, discussions will begin to determine costs and the alternative agreement that better suits your business or commercial activity.

    • How do I obtain a Licence to Operate?

      To initiate a request for a new Licence to Operate, or a renewal, please fill in and submit our Licence to Operate form. To complete this form, you will be required to submit:


      Note: We are able to process your application only when all required documentation has been received. Please start the application once you are prepared to submit all items listed above.

    • What are the insurance requirements for a Licence to Operate?

      Insurance requirements are explained in the guide to the Certificate of Insurance.

      Please ensure your Certificate of Insurance states the following:

      • Under the Additional Insured: "Greater Toronto Airports Authority and Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada."
      • Commercial General Liability Policy: with a minimum of 10 million per occurrence if you require unescorted access to Airside and a minimum of 2 million per occurrence otherwise.
      • Automobile Insurance Policy: with a minimum of 10 million per occurrence if you require unescorted access to Airside and a minimum of 2 million per occurrence otherwise.
      • Must be valid for a minimum of six months from the date your LTO is scheduled to commence.


      For your convenience, you can find our Certificate of Insurance template here.

    • What insurance information should be included on my application to operate at Toronto Pearson?

      Please complete the Certificate of Insurance form. Read the guide for more information.

    • What is meant by an Authorization Letter?

      An Authorization Letter confirms the need for your company to perform your business or service at the GTAA. The letter comes from a tenant of the GTAA and is signed by its authorized representative on company letterhead. If you intend to conduct business or provide a service for more than one tenant, please attach separate Authorization Letters for each tenant.

    • What specific information must an Authorization Letter include?

      The start date is always the first of the month, and the end date is always the last date of the month.

      Please refer to the Authorization Letter template.

    • What is meant by Articles of Incorporation?

      The official registration document from the appropriate registering jurisdiction stating that your company is incorporated. If the name of your company has changed since last year due to a merger or otherwise, please provide the Articles of Amalgamation.

    • Am I required to fill out a different form if I am a new Licence to Operate Applicant vs. a Renewal?

      All Licence to Operate applications (whether they are a new application or renewal) are to be filled out using our online Licence to Operate form. A list of required documents is provided above.

    • How many Licence to Operates can I obtain?

      You will require one Licence to Operate per tenant. If you currently have multiple tenants you conduct business with at Toronto Pearson International Airport, upon review of your renewal you may be required to purchase multiple Licences to Operate (one for each tenant); in some cases a full license or lease may be required.

    • What fees are involved in obtaining a Licence to Operate? What payment options are available?

      The minimum annual fee for a Licence to Operate is $1,500 plus applicable taxes (HST); however, the fee may be subject to change based on the revenue generated by the business or commercial activity. The GTAA determines the appropriate fee.

      Multi-year renewals (two years and maximum three years) are available, provided the total cost of the license along with all applicable taxes is paid in advance. Appropriate and valid insurance certificate(s) are to be maintained and submitted to us during the entire term of your Licence To Operate.

      Payment by certified cheque, credit card or wire transfer is made to the Greater Toronto Airports Authority.

    • How long does it take to process an application for a Licence to Operate?

      We require a minimum of five business days to process applications once ALL the required documentation has been received. A list of required documents is provided above. All applications must be received through the Licence to Operate application. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Please start the application once you are prepared to submit all the required documentation.

    • How can I obtain employee parking for those employees that will be doing work under my company’s LTO?

      Your company will provide the information regarding employee parking requirements when completing the Licence to Operate (LTO) form. Please contact the Pass/Permit office for more information, or call the main line at 416-776-7277.

    • Where are my employees permitted to park?

      There are several locations that employees are permitted to park at Pearson, such locations include: T1 and T3 Garages, Value Park Garage and Cargo Area.

    • What are the rates for employee parking?

      The various rates are as follows:

      • a. employee parking permit - $105.00/month (Value Park Garage)
      • b. cargo employee parking - $65.00/month (Cargo Area)
      • c. preferred parking permit - $250.00/month (either T1 or T3)
      • d. value card (multi terminal) - $325.00/month (both T1 and T3)


    • What timelines exist for renewing a Licence to Operate?

      It is your responsibility to provide current and valid documentation in order to receive a Licence To Operate. We require a minimum of five business days to process the renewal once ALL documentation is received. A list of required documents is provided above. Failure to submit all your supporting documentation along with the application will result in a delay in processing your application.

    • What happens if/when my LTO expires?

      Expired renewals will affect the validity of your RAICs.

    • What if I no longer need to renew my LTO?

      If you do not wish to renew your Licence To Operate, then please notify us of your decision so we may properly terminate your Licence. Please send an email to business.interest@GTAA.com stating the following:

      • The name of your company and agreement number i.e. YZ#######
      • That you no longer wish to renew your LTO
      • Date that you stopped doing business at Toronto Pearson


      Please ensure that all security items in your company's possession are returned immediately to the Pass/Permit Office. Any items not returned will be invoiced to your company.

      Security items include, but are not limited to:

      • Restricted Area Identification Card (RAICs)
      • Keycards
      • Airside Vehicle Operator's Permits (AVOPs)
      • Vehicle Markers
      • Parking Permits


    • Can a tenant renew the Licence to Operate for a supplier?

      No, the third-party operator must apply for a renewal.

    • Will my Restricted Area Identification Cards also be renewed?

      Restricted Area Identification Cards are not issued unless the Licence to Operate (LTO) has been renewed and is valid. This is a separate process with its own timelines. Please contact the Pass/Permit office for more information, or call the main line at 416-776-7277.

    • Why was my application denied?

      Typically, there are two reasons an application is denied. First, it may be that the documentation has not been submitted correctly. In this case, your application will be returned with a request for the appropriate amendments. Second, it may be that the GTAA already offers those services via existing tenants. In this case, your application will be placed in an Interested Parties list for possible future development if and when a business opportunity becomes available. Should a future opportunity arise, the GTAA will contact interested parties.