• Pre-Arranged Services

    Toronto Pearson Pre-arranged Services logo.

    Pre-booking a taxi or limo is not required for passengers leaving the airport, but it’s always an option. Visit our Taxi and Limo page to learn more about curb-side options.

    To pre-arrange a taxi or limousine service for your return to Toronto Pearson, please contact the company of your choice.

    Upon arrival at the airport, proceed to the designated area and notify the Pre-arranged Dispatcher that you are waiting.

    • Terminal 1: Door A
    • Terminal 3: Door A

    If you are a company or driver looking to register your pick-up reservation(s), please refer to the chart below for the associated pre-arranged vehicle fees.

    Vehicle Fees (Inclusive of HST)
    Sedan | Van | SUV $15.00 CDN
    Stretch Limousine | Sprinter  $27.00 CDN
    Mini Bus (13-25 seats) $49.00 CDN
    Bus (26+ seats) $93.00 CDN

    Charter Bus Pick Up

    If you’ve arranged charter bus pick up service, please proceed to the arrivals level curbside once you arrive at the airport. Then, provide any Traffic Commissionaire the bus company name and charter number. The Traffic Commissionaire will dispatch the chartered bus and advise you of the designated pick up location.


    Pre-Arranged Services Online Registration

    Companies and Drivers must register their account at https://prearranged.torontopearson.com.

    Find more information in the Company User Guide and Driver User Guide.

    Effective April 1, 2017: New Pre-Arranged Services software. The Old Pre-Arranged Services software will no longer be available for passenger pick-up registration as of March 31. All existing and new service providers (Company and/or Driver) must register on the new Pre-Arranged Services software. Online registration: https://prearranged.torontopearson.com/ User Guides: https://torontopearson.com/pre-arranged/#. Key points: • Pre-registration will be available. • Every user of pre-arranged dispatch services will be required to create a NEW user profile (will require your driver’s license and email address). • Guest accounts will not be permitted within the new system. Key improvements: • More pre-payment options. • Online bookings. • By-pass options. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact TLPC@GTAA.com.