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    Ever wonder what happens when it snows at Toronto Pearson? Our carefully designed winter operation helps to minimize the impact of that frosty weather and keep you moving safely and efficiently! Learn about our winter plan – from snow removal to deicing.

    Winter Operations

    Did you know?

    At 60 acres, Toronto Pearson's Central Deicing Facility is the largest, most technologically advanced in the world.

    During inclement winter weather, there is very close coordination and communication between the airport, the airlines and NAV CANADA, who provide air traffic control services. Together, we work towards the goal of a safe and efficient airport. A number of components make up our winter plan, and help reduce inconvenience for our passengers and maintain safe performance during winter weather.


    Our Central Deicing Facility (CDF)

    What is Deicing?

    Deicing is the application of a heated glycol and water mixture to remove any snow, ice or frost from critical flight control surfaces on an aircraft.

    What is Anti-icing?

    Did you know?

    At Toronto Pearson, there are more than 4.2 million square metres of airfield surfaces that require clearing during a snow event.

    Anti-icing is a precautionary procedure that provides protection against snow, ice or frost on aircraft critical surfaces during winter weather.

    Fast Facts

    • We've got the largest CDF in the world!
    • Its six deicing bays can accommodate up to 12 aircraft simultaneously.
    • 168 employees are dedicated to deicing aircraft.
    • Deicing can take two to 19 minutes, depending on weather conditions and the contamination on the aircraft.
    • Our CDF is located close to runways and taxiways, ensuring efficient flow of aircraft in and out of the facility.
    • During active winter weather, we use the Hangar Deicing Facility, a separate facility that provides additional deicing capacity.

    Snow Removal

    Did you know?

    Toronto Pearson International Airport, Canada's busiest airport, is an industry leader in snow removal and deicing efficiency.

    At an airport the size of Toronto Pearson, snow removal involves a large team of people and vehicles. Toronto Pearson has an established plan, including an inspection process done after snow clearing teams provide condition reports on cleared surfaces.

    Fast Facts

    • At Toronto Pearson, 201 people are involved in snow clearing operations.
    • Our snow removal crew is responsible for more than 4.2 million m2 of airfield surface during winter months - the equivalent of 2,659 NHL rinks.
    • Six crews are dedicated to providing around-the-clock snow clearing services for the runways, taxiways and aprons.
    • Toronto Pearson has over 94 pieces of snow clearance equipment and 14 snow melters.
    • It takes about 15 minutes, on average, to clear each runway.
    • Up to 30 vehicles plow, sweep, clear and treat all airfield surfaces.
    • A groundside crew also keeps access roads and parking lots clear – over 91 kilometres of roads and more than 400,000 m2 of parking surfaces.
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