• Airport Reservation Office

    In order to support the implementation of Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) and the most efficient use of Toronto Pearson runway capacity, the Airport Reservation Office (ARO) will be re-instated 1100Z UTC on February 18, 2019. General and Business Aviation aircraft will be subject to the following departure and arrival reservation process during the normal operating hours of 0630-0029 local YYZ. Further information will be shared on this website as dates / times are confirmed.

    Guidance for Obtaining Reservations in early 2019 for General Aviation / Business Aviation Flights operating to/from Toronto Pearson Airport – YYZ

    1. All Users must complete the Online Coordination (OCS) Application Form as soon as possible to avoid delay on obtaining access to the reservation system. All completed forms must be emailed to aro@gtaa.com. The Airport requires a minimum of 7 days to complete the Application process and will email confirmation of acceptance. An application must be completed prior to obtaining a reservation. Any questions regarding the Application Form must be forwarded to aro@gtaa.com. See application form attached.
    2. The Airport Reservation Office (ARO) processes reservation requests for General Aviation / Business (GA/BA) operations at Toronto Pearson Airport (CYYZ) and allocates reservations on a first-come, first-served basis. The ARO will utilize the On-line Co-ordination Tool (OCS) to make all reservations. Requests for reservations will be accepted beginning 72 hours prior to the proposed time of the operation. YYZ based GA/BA Tenant Carriers may book up to 30 days prior to departure or arrival.

      For example, a request for a 1000 reservation on a Thursday will be accepted beginning at 1000 on the previous Monday. A maximum of two reservations (departure and arrival) per transaction can be made for the same aircraft tail number. Otherwise one transaction per aircraft tail.
      1. Reservations are according to the exact planned departure/arrival time. Reservations are allocated for an operation within the applicable hour and broken down into 15-minute increments (quarters).

        For example, a reservation for 2000 may be used anytime from 2000 through 2015. See Aeronautical Information Circular – Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) procedures for YYZ General and Business Aviation Operations.
      2. A reservation does not ensure against traffic delays, nor does it guarantee arrival and/or departure within the allocated period. A new reservation is not required if the aircraft has an ATC delay. However, the operator’s original planned flight time excluding any ATC delay is expected to be within the allocated period. If delayed, operators must update their Target Off-Block Time (TBOT).
    3. Reservations can be obtained by going to https://yyzaro.com/ocs/. Reservations will not be available until November 06, 2018 and the application form (step 1) has been completed. When requesting a reservation, the following information is required:
      1. Date and hour (UTC) of proposed operation
      2. Aircraft identifier and flight number or aircraft tail number used for ATC communication
      3. Aircraft type designator (ICAO approved)
      4. Origin/destination airport
      You can contact the ARO at (416) 776-7568 (all callers) or 1-800-267-7568 (Canada, USA only) if you have an issue making a reservation using the automated interfaces or have a general question concerning procedures. The inability to obtain a reservation because all the reservations have been allocated is not a basis for telephoning the ARO. If the requested reservation time is not available, Online Co-ordination (OCS) will offer the closest time before and after the requested time. If your requested reservation time becomes available, the system will email your user email on file. If you still require the original reservation time accept or reject as required. Once a reservation is completed, OCS will produce a reservation number.
    4. The ARO must be advised whenever reservation information changes. Changes and cancellations should be made via the OCS on-line tool. If there is a requirement or change to your existing reservation as per the above parameters, log into the system and review your reservation and amend accordingly. If you require a date / time change cancel existing reservation and obtain a new reservation and number.

      If weather and capacity conditions are not favorable, the ARO may coordinate with the appropriate Operator to amend or cancel their reservation due to unforeseen conditions. This will be done via email or phone number provided by the Operator on the application form. The ARO reserves the right to approve or deny a request considering the circumstances and the impact.

      ARO procedures are mandatory for all flights operated as general aviation operations at CYYZ. Helicopters and flights identified by any one of the following designators in Item 18 of their flight plan, or by any other agreed means that may be applicable, are exempt from adhering to the A-CDM procedures:

      STS/FFR Fire fighting
      STS/HEAD Flight with Head of State status
      STS/HOSP Flight on an actual medical mission
      STS/MEDEVAC Flight operated for life critical medical emergency evacuation
      STS/SAR Flight engaged in a search and rescue mission
      STS/STATE Flight engaged in military, customs or police services
      STS/FLTCK Aircraft actually performing NAVAID flight check
      Exemptions are granted based on the type of mission an aircraft is engaged in and not the identity of the operator.  
    5. Operators operating from 0030-0629 local time will be required to follow the Night Flight Program published in the Canada Air Pilot. Medevac operations of any priority are permitted during the restricted hours. Contact the Integrated Operations Control Centre (IOCC) at 416-776-7568.

      There are no changes to the Night Flight Restriction Program as published in the Canada Air Pilot or Canada Flight Supplement.

    All aircraft will be monitored for compliance. Questions on the ARO can be forwarded to aro@gtaa.com or 416-776-3579.