• Community Relations

    Toronto Pearson is Canada’s front door, an important economic enabler for our region, and a neighbour to the communities that surround us. Perhaps more than any other service or business, an airport is a reflection of the community that surrounds it; if the community is thriving, so too is the airport. Toronto Pearson is growing because our communities are thriving.

  • Reaching Out To Our Community

    Toronto Pearson International Airport is Canada's busiest airport. Each year, the number of passengers travelling through the airport increases, placing greater demand on our infrastructure and operations.

    The Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) understands that the increasing demand for air travel presents benefits and challenges for communities surrounding the airport. In recognition of this, over the next six months, the GTAA is reaching out to community members in many ways, including:

    Opinions and feedback provided through these outreach opportunities will be used to inform a Residents Reference Panel on Noise Fairness and Airport Growth. The panel, which will be comprised of 36 randomly selected residents from the regions of Peel, York, Durham, Vaughan, Toronto and Halton, is being created specifically to ensure that Toronto Pearson's future growth takes into account the priorities and concerns of area residents.

    Members of the panel will be tasked with forming recommendations on assessment criteria for when and where changes from noise mitigation studies (notably Noise Mitigation Initiatives, Ideas 5 and 6) can be implemented. They will also provide input on considerations for airport growth to CENAC as well as the GTAA's management team.

    The project officially begins April 24, 2017 and will continue through to Fall 2017.

    For more information on the Residents’ Reference Panel at www.torontopearson.com/rrp.

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