• Pearson Connects to Transit

    Our region is growing, and that growth is driving air travel demand. By 2043, a staggering 90 million people will be looking to travel through Southern Ontario by air. Toronto Pearson has a bold vision to help manage the number of travellers passing through the region.

    Ideally located between three local municipalities, four major highways and several planned and existing transit lines, Toronto Pearson’s location has the unique ability to connect the surrounding region. Learn how a proposed Regional Transit Centre at the airport will connect not just passengers to Toronto but residents and communities around the region.

    Numair spends his time thinking about ways to connect the airport to our region so you don't have to.

    “I’m a transportation planner and work on projects related to ground access into and out of the airport. My colleagues and I work five years out and beyond in terms of planning and take into consideration anything that has to do with your trip to and from the airport. We work to ensure that there is a well serviced option for you, regardless of how you get to the airport. It’s good to have a lot of transit options, separated from general purpose traffic, so that you can get to the airport quickly, reliably, and not have to worry about something that people don’t want to consider in their trip, which is their trip to the airport. We kind of want to avoid people thinking about having to figure out how they’re getting to the airport and what time they have to leave. That should be a lesser issue for them. My job involves working with a lot of different agencies - Brampton transit, MiWay, Metrolinx (bus or train) and TTC as well as our internal groundside operations team. I would say my favourite part of my job is the work we do with a range of agencies and groups - we don’t do anything in isolation. I also really enjoy working with the different departments at the GTAA because everyone brings a different perspective. Together we bring the plans to life. For anyone travelling to Toronto Pearson I suggest taking a look at the transit options that are available. They might actually be faster, cheaper and easier to use than driving, not to mention better for the environment. It will make your trip a lot less frustrating.”

    Numair, Transportation Planner, GTAA