• Pearson Connects to Opportunity

    The Greater Toronto Area is growing, and Toronto Pearson is working to ensure that the region has an airport that will help fuel its success.

    Toronto Pearson provides direct, daily service to more than 67% of the world’s economies, giving our region and country a competitive advantage over those without this type of direct link to international markets. We’re working to clear hurdles and create an airport on the leading edge of opportunity for the GTA and beyond.

    Meet Julien, who helps Toronto Pearson make more connections around the world.

    "As the Associate Director of Air Service Development a big part of my role is providing guidance to my team based on my experience and knowledge of the industry. As a team, we are responsible for growing passenger and cargo traffic to Toronto and do that by working with airlines and other stakeholders to build a business case for why they should fly to Toronto.

    My job isn’t limited to the ‘now’, my focus is also on planning twenty years out to ensure we continue to meet demand and open up new routes for passengers and businesses.

    Last year was fantastic for us; we welcomed three new carriers: WOW, Brussels Air and China Southern. Contributing to this growth is what I love most about my role here. The stuff we do is not just about securing an airline or route, it’s more than that; it’s about connecting economies, friends and family, trade routes, and opportunities for other people. This year we’re looking forward to announcing another two new carriers and a number of exciting destinations.

    Before coming to work at Toronto Pearson I was a business advisor, providing guidance and support to a regional director in the aviation industry. I’ve always worked closely with airline scheduling; I’ve always loved knowing where airplanes have come from and are going, why certain planes are chosen for their routes, and why they depart at specific times. And that’s at the core of what I do here. That knowledge makes it easy to provide guidance and counsel to airlines."

    - Julien, Associate Director, Air Service Development