• Pearson Connects to Transit

    Bringing neighbourhoods and opportunities closer.

    A Regional Transit Centre at the airport will make better transit connectivity a reality for local businesses, employers and residents.

    Toronto Pearson is a connector – travellers from around the world pass through our airport on their way to visit friends, do business, see family or relax on vacation. We’re also located in the heart of a rapidly growing region, where employers work to connect with talent and residents struggle with road congestion. A proposed Regional Transit Centre at Toronto Pearson could connect with a network of transit lines and highways and help the airport, and the entire region, unlock its full growth potential.

    Regional Transit Centre Mock up Recent research demonstrates how Toronto Pearson is well-located for a regional transit centre that could help reduce commute times, link important job and innovation zones and connect area neighbourhoods with high unemployment rates to more jobs.

    Key highlights:

    • The Airport Employment Zone generates about 1 million car trips per day, seeing significant traffic pass the airport, meaning this area could enable the bundling of trips, increasing the frequency and convenience of transit services.
    • Only 7 per cent of trips in the West GTHA are currently by public transit.
    • Despite strong commuter demand across the north of the city, greater than 60 per cent of trips through this area require at least one transit connection.

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