• Pearson Connects to the Environment

    Toronto Pearson’s first honeybee apiary, YYbeeZ, is situated along the trail near the Etobicoke Stormwater Facility. Cared for by local beekeeper, Kuldip Jassal, the bee hives help support food security and sustainable agriculture in the airport's surrounding area.


    "I call myself a bee guardian. My job is to make sure the YYBeeZ colonies have a comfortable home and access to diverse food sources. I got into beekeeping because of my children, because research I did online suggested that local raw honey might help combat their seasonal allergies.

    "Working with honey bees is a therapeutic experience. You can sit beside a hive and watch amazing moments where bees come and go every second of the day. A beehive is a super organism and each bee is tasked with a particular job, which changes each week of their lives. Watching bees land with all the weight on their body is like watching a helicopter landing on a ship in the ocean.

    "Because of YYBeeZ, people who work or travel through the airport can learn how these little pollinators have a huge impact on our food source and why we need to ensure their population grows."

    Kuldip Jassal, beekeeper, YYBeez