• Pearson Connects to Jobs

    Did you know, Toronto Pearson is the engine at the centre of the Airport Employment Zone (AEZ), which is the second largest employment area in Canada?

    We help power more jobs than the central business districts of Vancouver, Montreal or Calgary. The latest economic impact study concludes that, based on projected traffic growth, by 2030 the AEZ will generate or facilitate 542,000 jobs. This increase will fuel further growth for all the neighbouring regions. For instance, Toronto Pearson generates or facilitates 86,000 jobs located in Peel - that's one in ten jobs in the region - which is about the same number of jobs in the region than the entire healthcare sector.

    Jobs generated or facilitated by Toronto Pearson in surrounding regions:
    Peel City of Toronto York Halton Durham
    86,000 = 1 in 10 jobs 60,000 = 1 in 20 jobs 17,000 = 1 in 33 jobs 18,000 = 1 on 10 jobs 13,000 = 1 in 10 jobs

    Meet some of the amazing people who help make Pearson Airport a great place to work.


    Vittorio: We are Passenger Service Representatives and often the first impression of Toronto and Canada. We welcome passengers and connect them where they need to go and help inform them on operations in a friendly and approachable manner.

    Jayde: Every day is a little different, and we give passengers that little piece of love. Travelling is stressful and people wear it differently. I find being able to read people is a great way to help. It really depends on the situation but, no matter what, it’s about helping them on their journey.

    Vittorio: Speaking a few languages really helps with passengers. Thanks to working around the world and having a French mother and Italian dad, I speak a few languages including Spanish and even a little Japanese. I’m not fluent, but I find it’s a welcome surprise for tourists from Japan.

    Jayde: I studied six languages but my main ones are French, Spanish and English. I let people decide how they want to communicate. Lots of people want to try their English skills. I help them out whenever it gets too tough.

    Vittorio: I’ve found a lot of joy working here. One of the most special moments for me was seeing the Syrian refugees welcomes at the airport. It was nice to see their sense of relief and their happiness. It’s a diverse environment here and that’s why we love what we do! I love the team – I’d say we have the best job in the airport.

    Jayde: We sometimes joke that we act like doctors, therapists and best friends. It might sound silly but I feel like we get to travel with the passengers too.

    Jayde and Vittorio, Passenger Service Representatives GTAA