• Pearson Connects to the Community

    A growing airport doesn’t have to be a growing concern.

    Our Noise Management Action Plan makes ten bold commitments to ensure our airport is a responsible neighbour.

    noise management action plan

    As Toronto Pearson grows, the potential impact it has on the surrounding community could also grow. That’s why Toronto Pearson has made ten commitments in Growing Responsibility: the 2018-2022 Noise Management Action Plan.

    The Plan is our industry commitment that Toronto Pearson will be a leader in consultation, environmental responsibility, managing operational changes, and monitoring and reporting on our impacts.

    Here’s some of our commitments in the Plan:

    • We will have Canada’s quietest fleet, starting with a Quieter Fleet Incentive Program to encourage airlines to use the quietest aircraft.
    • We will protect our neighbours, including investigating a new program to provide noise insulation to area homes, and air conditioning to neighbouring schools
    • We will do more to understand our impacts by introducing a Fly Quiet Program that will score and rank airlines adherence to quieter operating procedures

    Learn more about aircraft Noise Management at Toronto Pearson.