• Pearson Connects to the Environment

    Helping to keep our communities clean all year round.

    Innovative fluid management programs at our Central Deicing Facility help keep our passengers, our communities and our waterways safe.

    Toronto Pearson’s Central Deicing Facility (known at the CDF) is the largest and most technologically advanced facility of its kind in the world. Each Canadian winter day, the team of 180 deicing staff use state of the art equipment to move up to 500 departing flights safely to their destinations.

    Deicing all those planes needs to be managed to effectively protect the environment. An average winter means up to 10 000 000 litres of deicing fluid is sprayed on departing aircraft each season. Ethylene-glycol based deicing fluid helps keeps flight surfaces clear to enable lift, but it can also be detrimental to waterways. Toronto Pearson’s location close to the Etobicoke Creek and other natural areas means we have a duty to protect, and an innovative glycol-management project means that spent deicing fluid is collected on-site, concentrated and then resold for aftermarket use.

    Learn more about how deicing at Toronto Pearson keeps both travellers and waterways safe.