• Pearson Connects to Jobs

    Driving job creation and prosperity in Ontario.

    We aren’t just a transportation hub: we’re an employment hub whose growth directly corresponds to job creation and economic prosperity in Ontario.

    We directly employ approximately 49,000 people – a 22 per cent increase since 2011 – meaning we don’t just connect cities, we practically employ the population of one. In fact, Toronto Pearson anchors the Airport Employment Zone, home to more jobs then Vancouver, Montreal or Calgary, and the second largest employment area in Canada.

    Today, Toronto Pearson facilitates 332,000 jobs in Ontario. By 2030, our economic impact could increase to 542,000 jobs in the province.

    Naturally, this increase will lead to even greater prosperity for our province and Canada as a whole.

    Growth, Connectivity, Capacity. Toronto Pearson's journey towards becoming a megahub. 49k employees work at Toronto Pearson. Toronto Pearson accounts for nearly 1 in 10 of all jobs in Peel Region. 332k jobs across Ontario are facilitated by Toronto Pearson. $36.7B or 6% of Ontario's GDP is generated or facilitated by the airport. Second-largest employment zone in Canada. The Airport Megazone generates nearly one million car trips every day.