Express Park

When we say Express, we mean it. The Express Park Garage is conveniently located right next to Terminal 1. It’s the best choice if you’re picking up or dropping off travelers, or if you’re staying for three hours or less.

Express Park

The Express Park Garage is available at Terminal 1 only.

There are 10 Electic Vehicle (EV) charging stations available. You will find the EV charging stations on Level 4, Aisle C, Number 19.

Terminal 1:

As you approach Terminal 1, head to the Departures Level. The entrance to the parking garage is on your left. Use the two right hand lanes for Express Park.


  • Terminal 1: 3 mins
  • Terminal 3: n/a
  • Terminal 1: 2.4 m
  • Terminal 3: 2.0 m
  • A total of 31 accessible parking spaces are available on Levels 4 & 5 near pedestrian crosswalks.
Express Park

Rates include applicable taxes. For more information please call (416) 776-5158.

  • Rates:
  • 30 mins / $5
  • Daily maximum: $50
  • Additional Days: $50