• Material Movement


    This Material Movement Permit is now printable by the Applicant and does not require GTAA email approval. GTAA Officials may cancel or stop this movement at any time without notice. Once you submit the form below, a completed version will be sent to you via email to print.

    All requirements for a loading dock must be booked directly by calling 416-776-5444.

    Activity Notice

    The Activity Notice process will replace the Project Logistics Plan (PLP) to serve as the approval document required for presentation to Security, Groundside or GENCO personnel upon request. If required, a loading dock appointment can be scheduled by contacting GENCO at the number provided above; the Activity Notice approval number will be required to secure an appointment.

    Tenant Deliveries within the Terminals

    Existing delivery policies pertaining to liquids and gels and any goods meant for passenger purchase or consumption are still applicable; this Permit will not be accepted for such movements.

    Site to site moves will be permitted within the Terminal buildings during the following non-peak hours:

    Terminal 1 hours are 9 p.m. - noon daily
    Terminal 3 hours are 11 p.m. - noon daily

    Crossing the Primary Security Line (PSL)

    Tenants crossing the Primary Security Line (PSL) with material will be required to complete, print, and provide the attached Permit to mover personnel. Movers conducting deliveries must be prepared to present this Permit as well as open any container or packaging if requested by the security personnel.

    Material Movements Requiring A Loading Dock

    For material movements which require a loading dock, an appointment must be scheduled by the requestor by contacting GENCO at (416) 776-5444 (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.). Dock appointments require 24 hours advance notice. Tenants will be required to provide the authorizing name and company name provided on the Permit to secure an appointment. Please note when terminal to terminal moves require a dock appointment at each building. A copy of the permit must remain on the vehicle dashboard while at the dock.

    Curbside Delivery and Pickup

    Curbside delivery and pickup are not permitted at Terminal 1; all material movements must be delivered via the Terminal docks. Due to dock constraints, Terminal 3 tenants should contact groundsideoperations@gtaa.com for further information.