• Toronto Pearson Airside Tour Program

    Public Tours for 2019 are now available for online booking.

    Toronto Pearson's tours let you see how the airport operates behind-the-scenes! Experience the spirit of the airport first-hand by watching the live action on the apron and airfield.

    Sunrise at Toronto Pearson.A group on an airside tour of Toronto Pearson.A water salute out on the airfield.An A380 at Toronto Pearson.  

    Do you ever wonder about what goes on at Canada’s largest airport? Where does your baggage go after check in? What is the difference between a Boeing 767 and an Airbus A380? How many different kinds of machines are used to clear snow from the runway during a winter storm?

    Toronto Pearson’s Airside Tours provide community members a unique look at what it takes to keep our airport running every day. Learn about the history of the airport, the economic impact, and how we are giving back to local communities through our investment program, the Propeller Project.

    What to Expect on an Airside Tour

    Each tour is unique and can vary in route and highlights. Depending on the day, you could catch a glimpse of Terminal 1, Terminal 3, the Firehalls, the Infield, the Central Deicing Facility, Airfield Maintenance or the two control towers. Every day there are different planes on our airfield so you never know which ones you’ll get to see during your tour.

    Airside Tour Map of Toronto Pearson

    Security Information

    As you are going behind the security lines, ALL participants must bring a valid government-issued photo ID. A passport, Driver’s Licence, Nexus Card, Permanent Resident Card, or Ontario Photo Health Card are the only pieces of identification that will be accepted. All participants must be 10 years of age or older. Those under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, but still must have photo identification. In addition, be prepared to be security-screened as if you were going through standard airport security. Participants may bring cameras on the tour.

  • Aircraft Spotter's Guide

    Beautiful tail artwork is an airline's way to show off, and a seasoned plane spotter knows the excitement of a rare sighting. Download our Spotter's Guide and use your smartphone or tablet to identify the aircraft you see taking to the sky!

  • Upcoming Tours

    Tours will take place between May and October 2019 on various dates and times. Book online now for your free airport tour.

    We use Eventbrite, an online booking and ticketing system. Each tour is limited to a certain number of participants and they fill up quickly. There is currently no charge for the Airside Tours. If you are having trouble with the booking process, please call our Tour Desk at 416-776-TOUR (8687) for help.

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    Registration Details

    • All participants must be at least 10 years old.
    • Each tour is limited to a certain number of participants.
    • Please double-check the dates and times to make sure you are selecting a tour you can attend.
    • There is currently no charge for the Airside Tours.

    Cancellation Policy

    If you are unable to attend the tour you have registered for, please let us know as soon as possible and we will  try to reschedule your tour. If you have to cancel on the day of your tour, please call 416-776-TOUR or email tours@gtaa.com.

    Group and School Bookings

    Group bookings are possible on a case-by-case basis. Group tours are limited to 30 individuals and all participants will require government-issued photo identification. A non-expired passport is usually the best form of identification to access the secure airfield.

    Looking to book a school or group tour in 2019? Please fill out the form below and we'll follow up within about 10 days. The requirements will be discussed when we contact you. Please note all ages will require the aforementioned identification and the private group size remains an absolute maximum of 30 total participants. Please note: With the large demand for our tours in 2019, we are focusing on groups from within a 17-km radius of the airfield. 

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    Persons with Special Needs

    Our tours are open to all those interested. If you require any type of special assistance, please let our tour office know 48 hours in advance of your tour by emailing tours@gtaa.com. Service animals are also welcomed on our tours.