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    Night flights

    Welcome to the new Toronto Pearson! Why new? Because we’re growing and improving to put the magic back into the travel experience.

    We’re already Canada’s leading airport – and the fifth largest aviation entry point into North America. Our vision is to be the best airport in the world: Making a difference, connecting the world. That means we’ll be connecting more people and goods from all over the world while finding exceptional new ways to delight our guests and our airline customers.

    But we’re not just your airport; we’re also your neighbour. And working to achieve our goals also presents an opportunity to work more visibly in the communities where we live and operate.

    We believe that by understanding more about our business, you can in turn help us continue to grow into an even better corporate neighbour.

    That’s one of the reasons we’re so excited to launch this Outreach Site. Here you can learn more about what we’ve been up to and what we’ve got planned going forward. And Our Talking to Pearson section is a forum for your feedback, questions and suggestions to help us better understand what you want to know.

    What’s New: Night Flights Outreach

    Toronto Pearson operates around-the-clock, seven days a week. Of the approximately 1,100 flights taking off and landing at Toronto Pearson daily, 3 per cent – or an average of 36 flights a night - occur between 12:30 a.m. and 06:30 a.m. We call these night flights.

    This first phase of our Outreach Site focuses on the steps we take to manage the number of flights at night, how we work to mitigate their impact, as well as details around our proposal to get a modest increase the number of flights that are allowed to fly at night.

    Did you know?

    Did you know?

    Here are the highlights of what you’ll learn in each of the sections (see above for tabs):

    Background: learn more about our Global Hub Strategy and how we work in the community
    Toronto Pearson 101: an introductory inside look at Toronto Pearson - this first series focuses on how aircraft arrivals and departures are coordinated
    Our Night Flights Story: a review of the steps we take to manage operations at night
    Growing for the Future: details of our proposal to ask for a modest increase to the number flights that are allowed to fly at night
    Talking to Pearson: give us your feedback, forward your questions, or find out the details of our upcoming Open Houses. We want to hear from you!

    • Our Vision for the Future

      In 2010, we set a new course to clearly differentiate Toronto Pearson from our continental competitors by becoming North America's premier gateway.

      We know that we’re the first and last impression of the Greater Toronto Area for the 32 million passengers who travel through our airport each year. We want to ensure that we offer them a warm welcome and a smooth and relaxing travel experience while showcasing the best of what this region has to offer.

      One of the keys to helping us achieve our vision is the dynamism and vibrancy of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Thousands of people arrive in the GTA each year in pursuit of jobs, educations and promising future for themselves and their families. As a result, the very fabric of our region has changed; people who were once from a myriad of cultures and nations across the globe are now our neighbours, classmates, colleagues and friends.

      Becoming a premier global hub means better connections for you and your neighbours to places across the globe for business and leisure travel. It means easier access to international markets, along with more tourism opportunities. It means more efficient movement of goods around the globe. It also means great things for our community, including increased job opportunities at not only Toronto Pearson, but throughout the region and country too.

      Already, we’re making progress towards achieving our vision. We have an award-winning facility, proven talent and expertise, a strong and dynamic Regional economy, and a diverse and large critical mass of travelers that comes with being Canada’s largest city. Plus, we have better on-time performance and quicker connections than many other airports.

      Here are some other interesting facts about the amazing things happening at our airport every day:
      • We currently move 85,000 people a day on approximately 1,100 flights and have the capacity to move more than 38 million guests each year.
      • Toronto Pearson’s airline partners fly to more than 180 destinations worldwide.
      • We facilitate 33 per cent of the total air traffic within Canada and 50 per cent of the total air cargo within Canada.
      • 185,000 jobs are connected to the airport.

      Did you know? 
    • Our community commitment
    • Glossary of Terms
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