• The Toronto Pearson Handbook For Business Partners

    The GTAA seeks to make Toronto Pearson North America's premier portal to a world of possibilities. The GTAA, together with all members of the Toronto Pearson community, work to attract, serve and delight our customers by consistently delivering value through innovative products and services. The Toronto Pearson Handbook for Business Partners provides a useful reference for commercial users, tenants, contractors, employees and others working at Toronto Pearson to ensure both their success and the success of the entire Toronto Pearson community. The handbook states the rules of the GTAA, who operate Toronto Pearson, to ensure the safety, security and sustainability of all operations at the airport. These rules are incorporated by reference into the GTAA’s agreements, licences and leases with Toronto Pearson community members. The handbook replaces the GTAA’s Rules and Regulations. The GTAA derives its authority to operate the airport and establish its rules through federal legislation and a Ground Lease between Her Majesty the Queen as landlord and the GTAA as tenant. 

    We are acutely aware that Toronto Pearson affects the lives of millions of people, both in the surrounding community and around the world. We will never compromise the safety and security of our community members or the environment in the pursuit of our mission.
    We trust you will read the handbook and find it helpful.