• Civic Action

    Toronto Pearson has joined forces with the Greater Toronto Civic Action Alliance (CivicAction) as a member of the Regional Transportation Champions Council to improve transportation in the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area.

    CivicAction is a coalition of business, not-for-profit, government, academic, and community leaders that drives actions around issues and opportunities facing the Toronto region. CivicAction works to advance the issues surrounding regional transportation, especially to ensure a funded and integrated plan for the future.

    Citizens of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Areas (GTHA) have among the worst commute times in all of North America. It takes a GTHA resident an average of 82 minutes a day to commute from home to work. That’s worse than 18 other major international cities, including Los Angeles.

    To address this issue in the GTHA, Metrolinx has proposed "The Big Move," a 25-year regional transportation plan for the GTHA that will reduce commute times by 32 minutes a day.

    Did you know? The Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area has the worst commute in North America? But it doesn't have to be that way!

    Why is the GTAA involved in this campaign?

    We joined CivicAction's "32 Reasons to Invest” campaign because transportation solutions that reduce congestion in the airport region are essential to our operations. Toronto Pearson is investing so that our region will be a bigger draw for tourists and visitors. Not only can improved transit support tourism, but it also improves transit access to the region making it easier for Toronto Pearson employees to access the airport ultimately helping to grow our business.

    There’s a reason why we need a better transportation system. Actually, there are 32. Go to Your32.com - sign the pledge and make your voice heard. And tweet your reason using #your32. Join Toronto Pearson in working to make our region thrive.