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  • Toronto Pearson: Job Creator. 49,000 jobs at Toronto Pearson; 332,000 jobs generated and facilitated across Ontario. 1 in 10 jobs in the Region of Peel are generated and facilitated by Toronto Pearson. About the same number of jobs as the entire healthcare sector. One daily international service generates and facilitates 400 jobs. By 2030, Toronto Pearson's economic impact could increase to: $63B in GDP, 542,000 jobs.


    Toronto Pearson’s economic impact extends beyond its role as Canada’s international gateway. Its growth directly corresponds to significant job creation and GDP growth in Ontario, adding to its importance as an economic engine for all of Canada.

    Today about 49,000 people are directly employed by Toronto Pearson - about the size of a small Canadian city. This represents more than a 22% increase from 2011, when the airport employed 40,000 people. Yet, the airport’s contribution to the job market extends beyond this, enabling or facilitating 332,000 jobs in Ontario, or $42 billion (6.3%) of Ontario’s GDP.

    Toronto Pearson also anchors the Airport Employment Zone, the second largest employment area in Canada, home to more jobs than the central business districts of Vancouver, Montreal or Calgary.

    The latest economic impact study concludes that, based on projection on traffic growth, by 2030 it will generate or facilitate 542,000 jobs. Naturally, this increase would result in even greater prosperity. As prosperity attracts further growth, this would continue exponentially.

    Regional Distribution of Jobs

    Toronto Pearson’s role as a major employer and job creator is well-established. New data now demonstrates the airport’s economic impact in specific regions surrounding the airport. For example, Toronto Pearson generates or facilitates 86,000 jobs located in Peel, which translates to one in ten jobs in the region. In fact, it facilitates about the same number of jobs in the region than the entire healthcare sector.

    Jobs generated or facilitated by Toronto Pearson in surrounding regions:
    Peel City of Toronto York Halton Durham
    86,000 = 1 in 10 jobs 60,000 = 1 in 20 jobs 17,000 = 1 in 33 jobs 18,000 = 1 on 10 jobs 13,000 = 1 in 10 jobs

    Read more about regional employment-related findings in our updated Toronto Pearson's Economic Impact report.