• Airport Improvement Fees

    We’re committed to the continued improvement of Toronto Pearson. That’s why funds collected through Airport Improvement Fees (AIFs) are used for capital expenses and go directly toward associated debt. For instance, while construction on the recent redevelopment of Toronto Pearson is complete, the debt associated with the work remains on our balance sheets.

    Every effort is made to ensure that AIFs are kept at reasonable levels. Currently these fees are collected through airline ticketing:

    • $25 CDN for departing passengers
    • $4 CDN for connecting passengers  

    The fees are in Canadian Dollars and exclusive of applicable taxes.

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    Want to learn more about our Airport Development Program and ancillary projects? Read our Annual Report and the Master Plan.

    *The GTAA has established a policy over the application of AIF to ensure consistency in the treatment across all air carriers. The policy states that to be charged the connecting fee on a domestic or transborder flight the next flight must take place less than 4 hours after arrival at the airport.