• Striving to be your global front door

    Over the past few years, Toronto Pearson has been growing and evolving to meet the demands of our guests, employees and the people of this great and diverse city. In 2017, we served 47.1 million passengers, and we are the fourth-largest entry point to North America. But we have a bold vision for the future, one about which we are courageous and optimistic. 
    Our new strategic vision is: To be the best airport in the world. Making a difference, Connecting the world. Our goal is to become THE entry point on the continent – your global front door. While this vision is ambitious, we are strategically well positioned to make it a reality. 
    How will the GTAA create the continent's premier entry point?
    We are focused on becoming more consumer-centric, recognizing the need to be competitive both operationally and from a customer service perspective. We must truly differentiate ourselves by delighting customers through excellence in service and product innovations. Key factors in our success will be:
    • Service reliability
    • Anticipating and exceeding of the needs of our guests
    • Further developing an atmosphere of welcome and relaxation
    • Competitive costs and value to airlines and our shared passengers
    • Sustainable growth

    To learn more about our master plan and overall strategy for Toronto Pearson, please read:

    Master Plan