• Register a Noise Complaint

    Noise Advisories

    The Toronto Pearson Noise Management Office periodically publishes advisories and notices for resident awareness of airfield construction, airport activities, and engagement opportunities that could have an impact on normal airport traffic operations and aircraft noise impacts on the community. Please check this page regularly for updates.


    Toronto Pearson Noise Complaint Process

    The Noise Complaint Process outlines what residents can expect from the Noise Management Office when they register a noise complaint.


    Submit a noise complaint using WebTrak. WebTrak is an online tool that provides near-real time and historical flight data so community members can investigate aircraft operations from any computer with internet access. WebTrak makes it easy for our neighbours and others to see what’s overhead, and convenient to submit a noise complaint. It’s also available 24/7.


    To make a noise complaint by telephone, contact the Noise Management Office at (416) 247-7682. Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Outside office hours, a prompted voice mail service will allow you to leave a complete and detailed message.

    Online Form

    We have updated the noise complaint form to allow for up to 50 complaints to be registered at once. Changes to the form were made in response to feedback received by residents. This new format will help to streamline the process for residents and ensure that all complaints are captured accurately.

    The form works best in Google Chrome but can be accessed using most browsers.If you require assistance with the new form, please contact the Noise Office at 416-247-7682.

    A few seconds after submitting the complaint form,“We Have Received Your Complaint” pop-up will appear. If you do not see this notice, please contact us at 416-247-7682 to register your complaint.