• On-Site Filming

    Media filming is permitted in public areas of both Terminals 1 and 3 without advance notice to the GTAA. Public areas are defined as those areas that do not require a boarding pass or restricted area pass to enter. Baggage halls are not considered public areas.

    Media must respect the direction of airport staff at all times, including, but not limited to, requests for identification. Media personnel are responsible for obtaining permission from any and all individuals being filmed. Commercial filming remains subject to the GTAA's permit process.

    While filming on-site:
    • Please be prepared to provide identification
    • Filming of security personnel and security checkpoints is not permitted
    • Passengers and staff are not under any obligation to be filmed – individual permission must be obtained before filming anyone in the terminals
    • Please respect operational and security staff at all times
    • Do not block or restrict passenger movements
    • Vehicles must be parked properly in parking lots
    • The GTAA will designate a staging area in the event of an incident or event

    Live Transmission

    Currently, the only location for live media trucks at Toronto Pearson is the visitor’s parking lot in front of the GTAA Administration Building at 3111 Convair Drive (just off Renforth Drive). At no time should media outlets park their trucks on airport roadways as there are traffic flow, navigational aids and height restrictions that must be considered. When parking in the GTAA Administration Building parking lot, please be aware of all fire lanes and no parking signs and avoid parking in these areas.

    Commercial Filming

    News media filming in public areas is permitted at Toronto Pearson. Commercial filming requires a permit and is subject to approval. Learn more about commercial filming and photography at Toronto Pearson.