• Toronto Pearson Youth Cohort at 6 Degrees

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  • Become a Youth Leader

    Toronto Pearson is partnering with 6 Degrees to create a meaningful, multi-faceted experience to connect young people from across the city. The inaugural Toronto Pearson Youth Cohort at 6 Degrees will be a group of 20 dynamic young leaders aged 18- 29 from the community surrounding the airport (Etobicoke, Mississauga, Brampton).

    Applications are now closed. Successful candidates will be notified by the end of September.

    The selected cohort will participate in a 6-week long program that culminates with the cohort sharing their vision at an exchange event within the Greater Toronto Area. The emphasis will be on experience, connections, mentoring, networking, and the self-esteem and empowerment that comes when young people are given control and responsibility over their own opportunities.

    The theme of this year's program is: youth unemployment as a ‘wall’ and how can we build ‘bridges’.

    The 6 Degrees Vision

    The annual three-day Citizen Space will take place in Toronto, September 25-27, 2017.

    The vision of 6 Degrees 2017 starts with a question. Is there a more urgent challenge than finding ways to create truly inclusive societies? We live in unsettled times. Divisive politics and exclusionary thinking drown out other voices.

    6 Degrees is a global platform designed to create better language, better ideas, and better solutions. It empowers voices and demonstrates best practices. It is the connective tissue between universal ideals and the citizens of every nation.

    Toronto Pearson connects people everyday. Whether it’s connecting them to home, transit or jobs – Toronto Pearson thinks as much about where our community is headed, as we do about where our passengers are. Toronto Pearson is not only a hub for the world, it’s a vibrant hub for our community.